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Melbourne Revival/Gospel/Healing/Worship First Saturday EVERY month
                      Narre Community Learning Centre!! Malcolm crt Narre Warren 7.30pm                              FREE entry click here for poster THE REVIVAL MINISTRIES


International Gospel, Healing, Revival Ministry

God Is Able!
Read Isaiah 61:1-3  
God is about “good news”. He “heals 
the broken hearted”.  He is able to 
touch you with His love & peace. 
“Freedom for the captives”. Christ, 
is able to set you free from fear & 
addictions in your life. He came to give 
life & freedom. “Release from darkness 
for the prisoners”. Christ is able & 
willing to set you free from the forces 
that hold you captive. He is able to 
deliver you. “Proclaim the year of the 
Lords favour”. God is for you not against you. He has done all He needs to do to 
win your heart & bring His power & love into your life. All we need to do is believe & receive. “The day of vengeance of our God” God is a Holy God & without holiness no-one will see God. Those who refuse to believe will punished for their sin & rejection of God- the place is called hell. In this lifetime we all have a fair opportunity to believe & receive Him. The bible says, “to all who received Him he gives the power & right to become sons & daughters of God. “To comfort all who mourn & grieve & bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes & gladness & joy instead of mourning. Praise instead of despair & fear”. Christ wants to release you out of your sorrow, fear & despair & cause your beauty to shine forth. “We will be called oaks of righteousness the planting of the Lord for the display of His splendor.” God wants to establish us securely in Him that we would be filled with His Love, glory & His splendor. We are His 
workmanship, created for good 
works for the glory of God !  

Pastor Paul Furlong

Christianity ?
In todays world
We are comfortable in most aspects 
of our lives. Our country is considerably blessed & prosperous. We have within our grasps, yes even at our fingertips pleasures & comports that would astound many other countries & nations of the world. Yet we are poor, wretched 
blind & naked. We as individuals & as a nation have departed from our faith & fear of God. As we become richer we become poorer. As we become wiser & more learned we become fools. As technology advances we miss the very reason we exist. In searching for truth we believe a lie! We need a very loud & and clear wake up call. We have broken the commandments of God. Our consciences, at one time told us this, & Gods word, the bible states it clearly. How do we know what is right & wrong? Gods Word the bible shows us clearly & truth is written on the tablets of our own hearts. Those who reject Jesus, will also be rejected by God. Hosea 14:2 “Take words with you & return to the Lord. Say to Him “forgive all our sins & receive us graciously “. . .“Acknowledge Him in all your ways & He will direct your paths” . . . 
We don’t need any more religions, or
even to become more religious. . we really need a relationship with our Father God. Acknowledge the 
truth & the truth will set you FREE!
“No man comes to the Father un-
less he pass by me” says Jesus, for “I 
am the way, the truth & the life”.Let us return to God !   
Ps Paul Furlong

Message of hope!
Christians, it’s time to wake up from 
our sleep. Churches & ministers, it’s 
time to stop playing games & take the
seriousness of our call as commanded 
by the Lord Jesus Christ to preach the 
gospel. This should be the driving, 
foremost purpose of every church. We
are guilty of neglecting this while we
remain in the four walls of our churches
& enjoy a “bless me God” time. There are 
many mature Christians sitting in 
churches disobeying God because they 
are not rising up & actively doing the 
work of the ministry. Oh sure, we are 
sending lots of funds overseas to support
missionaries. Maybe we feel we justify
our slackness because of this? Lets hope 
they are doing a better job than we are! 
Indeed we should lead by example. 
However, maybe we should look to the
few we send out as examples to us!
Oh sure we justify ourselves because we
have a presence in the community in
a practical manner with food & services, 
however I ask, while we are giving help
practically to the needy,(Which in our
country is not really that big a need & 
we have the best government handouts
in the world) the same people are sick, 
depressed, lonely & held in addictions.
Instead of introducing the one that can
set them free & heal them, soul, spirit & 
body, we only minister to their earthly 
needs. let’s continue to meet that need, 
but let us meet a far greater need as we
are commanded to! Let’s show them Jesus.
He alone has the power to forgive, cleanse
& set free. God’s kingdom is not a matter
of talk, but of power. The Gospel

is the power of God, unto salvation! Let us
openly proclaim!

Romans 10:14+15
And how can they hear without someone
preaching to them?..... 

Pastor Paul Furlong