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Melbourne Revival/Gospel/Healing/Worship First Saturday EVERY month
                      Narre Community Learning Centre!! Malcolm crt Narre Warren 7.30pm                              FREE entry click here for poster THE REVIVAL MINISTRIES


International Gospel, Healing, Revival Ministry

Should we fear God?
“Fear God & Keep His Commandments, for this is the whole duty of man. For God will bring every deed into judgement, including every hidden thing, whether 
it is good or evil”. (Eccl 11:13+14 Bible). What is the fear of God? Does that mean He just lives to punish all us sinners? NO NO NO, in fact the opposite. It’s byhaving a healthy reverence & fear of God that we come into receiving from Him all that we need & desperately want in our lives. Love, Joy, peace, freedom, forgiveness, healing & strength. In fact life it’s fullest experience & satisfaction. God is doing His outmost to lead us & offer us the right advice & direction. It’s us who are self centred, deceitful & untrue & ungodly in our ways....Then we have the nerve to blame God for the outcome & consequences of our ways, attitudes & wrong decisions. God want’s to free us from our own driving destructive force within us & the very nature of mankind. He knows that if we live to please ourselves & not take notice & obey His commandments & advice to us, then we will destroy ourselves in this life & also pay the very dear price in the life to come. God sent His son Jesus into the world to pay the price for us & through His sacrifice we are offered freedom, atonement & pardon. However we need to believe & receive that free gift of God’s forgiveness & salvation. We need to acknowledge our sins & change our ways to please & serve Him in obedience to what He knows is right for us. Namely, love one another, as this covers all God’s commandments. And most of all, love Him! His great loving heart toward us offers us a way that is right, & the benefits are for eternity. God is just, fair & holy. He requires us to be also. In our own ability we cannot be, but in His strength & power & by God & Jesus living in us by the presence & realness of His Holy Spirit we can! The benefits are huge. The satisfaction is indescribable. Will you 
respond to God’s love toward you?

Sad price to pay!
We lost our new little puppy 9 weeks old from “Parvo”. We only had him for 5 days! I have learnt now that he probably picked it up when we took him out to the park/beach/shops. Only one day it was, but it was enough to kill him. You know, it’s the same with us when we go places, talk, think, look at things & act in ways we shouldn’t. We pick up disease that festers in our lives & makes us sick & diseased. It effects us in spirit, soul & body. The Bible calls it “sin”. When we go against our conscience & do what we know is wrong, go our own self centred way & turn our backs on God. “The wages (penalty) of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life”.  We pay the price in every area of our lives. Oh sure at times we think we have it all together, yet we only need to take a moment to look around us & deep in our hearts to see & feel there is desperate need. In a world that boasts in it’s prosperity & technological wisdom we have failed miserable in faith, love & hope. God tells us to “do unto others as you would have done unto you”. This world says “If it feels good do it”, neglecting how we effect others & the outcome of our actions. Morally we use & abuse ourselves & others in such free relationships & pay the price of children not having the love of a father & a mother which every child needs evenly. Let alone the price we pay in our own lives & bodies. Just as my little puppy paid the price of being where he shouldn’t have been & doing what he shouldn’t. So also we will pay the price for our wrong doing & turning our backs on God. Laws are given to create & preserve freedom & joy, not to kill it. Fools say, “all Gods laws means we don’t have fun”, but it is the opposite. Jesus came to give us life to the full & sets boundaries for our own good. Just as I should have set the boundaries with my 
puppy & he would still be alive today! 
Live for God!

Meeting with God!

Every one will have the opportunity to acknowledge God & choose to believe & receive Him, or reject Him. However is eternity worth gambling our understanding or how we feel about God, knowing that we may be wrong? After all do we know more than God himself. “Only a fool says there is no God” (Ps 53)  
What we need is a real experience with a real God! That is exactly what God wants us to have. To know Him...not “about Him”, but “know Him”personally. To walk in Gods love, healing, strength
& miraculous power. I’m not talking about a manmade, dead religious belief that just make us feel we can justify our attitude toward God, or to look good to those round about us. This type of religion is not acceptable to God. We should be crying out...
“Create in me a clean heart”, “see if there be any wicked way in me”. “Have mercy upon me almighty God” & “Show me Your ways, teach me Your paths”. WE have a clear invitation from our God to us. We have a clear message of love. A mighty sacrifice that has been portrayed through God’s son Jesus Christ. There is no other name or way given to us by which we can be shown mercy, salvation & experience the closeness of a God that longs to share His love & life with us! Are we so blinded & self-centred to see we are standing on the very precipice of hell itself, without realizing that’s it’s His great hand, love & mercy that prevents us from falling fast & swiftly into eternal damnation according to what we deserve? That God himself stands holding back much of what we deserve because He longs to draw us unto Himself & save us from the eternal consequences of our ways. To receive Him is life & to reject Him is sure death. He has commanded us to “be still & know that He is God”. That “He is the God that forgives all our sins & heals all our diseases”. Let’s not leave it until we have missed our opportunity, for “today is the day of salvation, the day of acceptable favour from our God”. God’s arms are open wide, come many, come all. Turn unto God! We need a revival a mighty awakening & outpouring of Gods love, healing & power. A revelation of the scriptures & a turning away from ungodliness & an embracing of right living, love & obedience  to one who knows best for us & wants what is best for us....God himself!