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Melbourne Revival/Gospel/Healing/Worship First Saturday EVERY month
                      Narre Community Learning Centre!! Malcolm crt Narre Warren 7.30pm                              FREE entry click here for poster THE REVIVAL MINISTRIES


International Gospel, Healing, Revival Ministry

Have we really succeeded?
As we look around & see where we are 
heading as society, we may have advanced in technology & in possessions, but have we really become more wise, loving & Godly?....Sadly I believe not! In fact in all our wisdom we have strayed from how we should be living. We have become foolish
self centred, arrogant & unrestrained.
We have laws put in place within our 
government, society & homes for the 
purpose of  all our common good. To protect us, keep us safe & place boundaries. We all know that if we bring up children & do not discipline them & guide/teach them right & wrong behaviour, we how to care, respect
& love others (including themselves), we usually end up with major problems as that child grows to be a man or women. So also we have appointed courts & law enforces to ensure (hopefully) that right prevails over 
wrong & justice is served. When individuals break the laws, they are punished discipline) for their own good & for the good of society, with the intent & hope that they will reform & change their behaviour, attitude & ultimately actions. So also God has put in place His Word (Bible)
to us as His protection & guidance in whatis right & wrong. It however is far more than just words of wisdom, it is God’s word given to us to set us free from the curse ofsin, sickness, pride, lust, bondage, fear....
The list goes on & on! It’s god’s love letter to us. It is the absolute truth. It is the power of God for those who 
believe, receive & obey. The result is freedom, & righteousness that
comes from God through His Son Jesus Christ! Is Your Life right with God?     

Blessed by God or Cursed by the

We know according to scripture that all good
things come down from our Father who is in
heaven. He desires to give good gifts to man!
We know also that the devil is a liar, robber
& deceiver who comes to kill, steal & destroy!
God is a good God, the devil is a bad devil.
God wants only what is good  for each of us
& the devil wants to rob & prevent us from
receiving anything from God. When we do
not believe & follow God we open ourselves
to all that the devil wants to throw at us.
That’s why God sent Jesus to destroy the
works of the devil in your life. Jesus came
to give us life & life to it’s fullest & more
abundantly. He came to set us free from
the curse of sin & sickness & to bring peace
& love back into our lives by drawing us
into a close relationship with His Father
(God). He came to take off us the burden
of sin,fear & bondage & to set us free from
the torment of the devil. He wants to fill
each of our lives with the special gift of the
Holy Spirit as a deposit of our salvation &
guarantee of His faithfulness & love. His
word says He forgives all our sins & heals
all our diseases. We have this inheritance & 
right in God because we become His
sons/daughters & all of His goodness &
perfection is our inheritance. Jesus
came preaching a message of salvation...
salvation from What, you might say? Salvation
from our own self & it’s human errors & sins,
pride & ungodliness. Salvation from all the
devil wants to throw at us & the control he
has over our lives. Salvation from the penalty
& price we ultimately have to pay for our
wrong doing & ungodliness. “The wages of
sin is death (more than physical!) But the gift
of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our
Lord”. Christ came to pardon, cleanse, heal
& deliver & He still does today. He came with
a message for all to “repent for the Kingdom
of God is near”. If we desire to see God we
need to turn to Him with all our heart, mind &
soul, we need to seek Him according to scripture
then “we will find Him if we seek Him with all
our hearts.” He desires to reveal Himself to each
of us & bring His life & love into our lives.
Don’t turn away from God’s grace, love & mercy.
Today is the day of Salvation, today is the day to
receive Him into our lives & live for Him. He has
opened the door wide & beckons each of us to
come to Him. In His presence there is peace, life,
joy & hope. He can cleanse, heal & deliver each
person from all their fears, sickness & sin.
He is the same God of the miraculous as in the
bible....he has not changed! Will you respond to
His call?                                                      


Healing for all!
Enough of dead religion & a basic 
acknowledgement of an existence of God.
God & His word is not a matter of talk, but of power & demonstration of God’s love, healing, deliverance, might & salvation. Gods offers us freedom & healing for our soul, spirit & body. Just look how Jesus walked when He was on this earth (God’s son) He loved, rebuked & revealed the truth about sin, selfishness & ungodliness, showing us the way to receive forgiveness & salvation 
from the consequences of such. Jesus healed many & is still healing today. He has not changed. He is the same yesterday, today & forever . He came to bring life, freedom & healing. In today’s world with many diseases sickness, stress & fears He offers us hope.
Hope that He can, & that He will heal us of our diseases & make us healthy & whole again. God’s word reveals His will & desire & commandments for us & His purpose for our lives. He loves us with an everlasting, endless love, however most of us miss it because we simply don’t acknowledge him, live for Him, obey & respond to His calling upon our lives. He is able to heal YOU, no matter what your need is. Just as he healed many & all who came to him in faith, even when that faith was as tiny as a mustard seed.
He wants to heal you to show you He caresfor you & to reveal His awesome power & love for you. We are not talking religion, but rather a real relationship & encounter with God almighty, Jesus His son & the Holy Spirit.
We were created to know & walk in  
relationship with Him. To experience God’s love & care for us as a perfect 
father, loves, provides, protects & plays with his children, or as a husband 
loves a wife in a perfect relationship. Reach out to Him.......He is able!   

The Revival Messages The Revival Messages