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Melbourne Revival/Gospel/Healing/Worship First Saturday EVERY month
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The Church...asleep in the light?

For too long many churches have had nothing substantial to offer other than dead, dry religion. Let’s be honest, many church services being conducted have about as much life in them as a morbid funeral service. Jesus spoke out against such things & called the religious leaders & priests of His day a bunch of “white washed tombs”.(Math 23) They parade around with their Holier than thou attitudes & act all good & Godly when they are as dead as tombs & have just white washed themselves. We (the Church) have set a bad example of who Christ is with our greed & pretence & hypocrisy. Religion, ritual, & strict observance of the requirements of the law never saved anyone or made anyone Holy. Even the scriptures itself acknowledges this as inadequate & that is why God sent His Son Jesus Christ to die & pay the penalty for our sin & ungodliness. Now we need to repent & turn from our sinful, selfish lifestyles & receive the Holy Spirit & live in His strength, Grace & Mercy. The Scripture says (Prov 29:18) “where there is no vision or revelation the people perish/cast off restraint” For too long there has been no revelation 
& anointed preaching in the churches! When the people heard Jesus they were amazed at His authority & the way in which He spoke. When the people heard the disciples after the day of Pentecost they marvelled at their authority & power & noted they had been with Christ. With so much compromised, watered down, non-offensive gospel messages being preached, no wonder so many Christians are lukewarm & many that do respond to the message of salvation don’t show fruit of repentance & live a life empowered & holy before God. We don’t add Christ to our lives or to the list of things we want,.....
we surrender our whole being to Him, repent & cry out for forgiveness for our selfish, sinful & wicked ways knowing that He alone can set us free, heal us & restore us to a righteous & holy relationship with our Father God. When we live our lives asleep
to the things God required  & blessings He has for us, we cast off restraint & cross the line of sin & do not live victorious blessed lives & enter into the fullness of all God has for us. We need
to live with daily revelation & vision of His calling, grace & mercy.    

Is our Nation in God's hands?
Our nation was founded on Godly principles with a faith in God & His ways. A respect & acknowledgement of His Sovereignty. Our laws were founded on the ten commandments. Sadly over the years & progressingly more & more, we have turned aside from God’s laws & made up our own. We have seen a decline in morality & addition of acceptance of worship & respect to other 
gods & faiths other than Almighty God of the Bible & His Son Jesus Christ.... The Christian God “Jehovah”, the “I am”. We see all through the Bible that when a people or nation (land) rejects
God’s Word & seeks other gods & disobeys His commands then He rejects them! Now before we all get too excited & I get stoned!... I know it is God’s purpose that none should perish but all should accept eternal life, however. He died for all, that
all could be saved. To have this salvation we must believe & confess Him as Lord then we will receive it by faith through Hisgrace as a free gift (we cannot earn it & none of us are worthy of it). It’s because of His great love & mercy that we can receive 
salvation. Now to believe on Him & to love Him with all our hearts (Which is very easy when you know Him & He touches your life.... you never want anything else but Him , in comparison to the ways & things of this world). But it comes at a cost! To deny ourselves (our worldly/ungodly desires) & die daily, take up our cross & follow Him. Our reward is not in this lifetime, but is for eternity, however we will see His greatness, provision & blessing in our lives & our nation if we serve Him faithfully. We will experience His Joy, peace, healing, forgiveness, power & His purpose for our lives & nation.  However if we turn aside & forsake Him, He will forsake us!! We read in 2 Chronicles 26 King Uzziah
“As long as he sought the Lord, God gave him success”. We then read 2 Chronicles 24:20 ...”Why do you disobey the Lord’s commands? You will not prosper. Because you have forsaken the 
Lord, He has forsaken you”. 2 Tim 2:12...If we disown Him He will disown us (different than just struggling in faith). We must continue “IN HIM” in order to receive His blessing & salvation. 
We must show forth fruit. Romans 11:22 ..“If we don’t continue in Him we also will be cut off”. Oh sure there is a form of religion across our nation & from it’s leaders, but there is no acknowledgement of God’s power & His ways. There is also no holding onto & acknowledgment as the one & true God. You can’t Just add God When someone is Lord over you then you serve them. They in turn care for you & provide for your needs & safety. God will not share His glory in your life with any other gods. When our nation & government condowns the slaughter of innocent children & acknowledges other gods & sexual immorality as good, God will turn aside. Let us return to the lord & His ways, let us press on to acknowledge Him & Repent!      

Is our Nation loosing it's Heritage?
Our nation was founded on Godly principles with a faith in God & His ways. A respect & acknowledgement of His Sovereignty. Our laws were founded on the ten commandments. Sadly over the years & progressingly more & more we have turned aside from God’s laws & morality as to right & wrong & say stupid 
things like. Everyone has a right to do what he or she wants. Well yes that is true we all have a free will & can do what we want, however laws were put into place to keep peace & order. When we turn aside from those law we enter into a state of lawlessness. We need to use our brains & common sense here...There is “right & wrong & the greatest authority on such things is God himself. He has spoken clearly to us through His word, the “bible”.Rules are put in place for the good of mankind, however when we reject those laws, & what is decent & right we pay the consequences. That is why the world is in the state things are today! That is why individual lives are torn apart, depressed & lonely. 
Our government at many levels has tuned aside & reject Gods laws & allow ungodly laws & compromise that results in death, pain, sorrow, unrest & sickness. I take my hat off to Peter Costello who has enough guts & sense to acknowledge the following....(Quote)  one of the things that has been absolutely central to the development of Australia and the foundation of our society is that Biblical heritage that we have through the Scriptures and the Ten Commandments, respect for our Maker, respect for our fellow citizens, respect for property, respect for the laws that God has laid down. That’s been the foundation of our society. It’s been the basis of our peaceful tolerance of each other and of order. 
It has been the basis of creating opportunity for so many Australian’s. If we forget that tradition, if we walk away from those God given commandments, then we as a society will be threatened with the breakdown of that order, will be threatened with losing our heritage and losing opportunity. So I want to say to you, those that are praying for Australia today, to pray that this nation will always remember its foundations, and always be true to them, and always live according to those laws.” Address 
given for Australia Day Melbourne Town hall Combined Churches prayer meeting. Let’s not lose our heritage. Let’s not forsake love for God & for one another. Let’s not have other god’s before us other than the one we asked to bless Australia when we settled here. The God almighty, the God of the bible.

Is your nation the same?


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