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Melbourne Revival/Gospel/Healing/Worship First Saturday EVERY month
                      Narre Community Learning Centre!! Malcolm crt Narre Warren 7.30pm                              FREE entry click here for poster THE REVIVAL MINISTRIES


International Gospel, Healing, Revival Ministry

The greatest Lie ever told...
How infuriated do you get when you find out that you have been lied to, deceived & taken for the biggest ride of your life. Then to add insult to injury you then realize the truth that for all that time you were ripped off & missed out on an invaluable inheritance that was rightfully yours. Now I can understand this happening
easily to many who are not aware of their situation & so get easily taken for a ride or deceived, but you would have to be a fool if you were aware of all the facts & continue to do nothing about it right? Well many of us are in that exact position right now . Most do not realize it, & those that do just don’t do anything about it or perhaps don’t know that something can be done about it. What am I referring to here that amounts to be the biggest ongoing heist of the world since its creation? The biggest personal rip-off of self-fulfilment, satisfaction & of life itself ? It directly affects your health, your peace, your love & your very purpose for existence. It determines how you cope, react & respond to everything that comes against you. The lie comes in many forms & with many faces. The two main ones are........
1- God is not real therefore we are not accountable to Him. This means that whether we believe it or not, we are responsible for our own actions (which of course we all are), however it also means that we will pay the penalty for all our actions & the life we live. Yes, most definitely we will one day, not only in this life, but also in the life which is to come. We will be on our own with no-one greater to stand up & overrule any of this. No-one to show mercy, grace or forgiveness, because we chose it to be that way in this life. The second main lie says that God is real, but He is who you want Him to be. That there are many roads that take you to Him. A kind of united, universal religion. This sounds fair because it doesn’t exclude anyone, however who are we to make the rules as though we are God? When we know the truth, the truth will set us free! Until we know it we believe a lie & so we will not experience all the goodness, love, health, healing, blessing & life itself reaching into eternity as promised by God to all believers. Let’s not make up a religion, let’s just obey God’s word & so live a life in His favour.   

Is your life right with God?
There is nothing more refreshing & satisfying than knowing God & living in His favour & blessing. To
experience His mighty touch, healing & forgiveness. In everything we do, are we not really seeking peace, love, fulfilment & joy in life. Sure, for a season we are deceived in looking & finding to some extent, a worldly satisfaction when we are “in love” or “successful in our sport, job or possessions” however that is a false sense of security. I’m not saying that some of these things can not be good for us. In fact God made “love” & every good & perfect gift comes down from our heavenly father. However, Satan tempted Jesus Himself with worldly kingship, wealth & possessions SO  BE CARFUL THERE! In fact I believe this area in itself is the greatest temptation & reason for causing man to turn away from God. Remember one thing...God’s rain falls on the righteous & the unrighteous for a time! Deuteronomy 8:10-20 (read it sometime) When you have eaten & are careful not to forget the Lord your God..... When you build fine houses & settle down......your silver & gold increase & all you have is multiplied, then your heart will become proud & you will forget the Lord your God.......You may say my power & the strength of my hands have produced this wealth for me. But remember it is God that gives the ability to make wealth......If you ever forget the Lord your will be destroyed for not obeying the Lord your God! Sure God sent Jesus not to condemn, but to save. He doesn’t need to condemn because we stand condemned by our own actions & self-centeredness already! What He desires to do now, is set us free from our conviction & guilt, to restore & revive us into a fresh & living relationship & love afair with God our Father. To bring us home into His presence, just like the prodigal son! Let’s not deceive ourself or be decieved. Jesus is the way the truth & the life, no man comes to the Father (God) but by Him! 

The World is SHAKING!
The whole world is on the brink of a global meltdown of the monetary system as we know it. Most nations are bankrupt & in deep debt.

Society as a whole has plummeted into a deep pit of moral decline & justified existence of arrogance, pride & self centeredness. Victoria just passed the legal murder of innocent children perfectly formed & created in their mothers wombs, even up to full term. Men & women are exchanging natural relations for unnatural. Relationships that once required real love & commitment are now used & abused as a quick self indulged & uncontrolled one night stand to fulfill ones sexual desires, with no real care & love for the partner & all out of marriage wedlock. Greed for corporate success & name tramples over men & women while lying & deceiving to get to the top. Sport is becoming our God & many players are shocking examples to society. So what is the answer to all of this? We need a revival & awakening towardour God & Father. God sent His son Jesus into the world to set us free from ourselves & our ungodliness. Through repentance there is forgiveness, healing, freedom & 
real life. Christ came not to condemn, but to forgive, pardon & save! We already stand condemned as our lifestyle & action clearly reveals. Sin just controls us & we are powerless to break free. However, there  is hope & there is an answer & fulfilment to life. There is joy, love &’s all free, given from God to us. Let’s turn to God & allow His power to give us life.