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Melbourne Revival/Gospel/Healing/Worship First Saturday EVERY month
                      Narre Community Learning Centre!! Malcolm crt Narre Warren 7.30pm                              FREE entry click here for poster THE REVIVAL MINISTRIES


International Gospel, Healing, Revival Ministry


I beleive in eternal security yes....but also according to God's Word & mans nature...we can loose our eternal security...God keeps us in His hand unless WE WALK AWAY....He will disown all that disown us....I have full peace I am born again & daved by His grace & not works , however , show me faith with out works & this is not faith but dead religions, I will show you my faith by my works that confirm & prove my faith!!!! THIS IS NOT SAVED BY WORKS, but is saved by repentance & transformation & sanctification & the blood of Jesus & obedience & wlaking in His power. grcae & forsaking eth world & loving God & living for Him...... We are called to be Holy as He is Holy ...We cannot do thsi in our own strength or by good works or by our might or power , but by the Spirit of God within us.....But let us remember the sexual impure, the greedy, the idolator ......will not enter the kingdom & the branch not bearing fruit will be cut off....I am very concerned with the error of teaching today that says you are always saved...This..NO we are being saved..Yes we are saved now & we are being saved as we die & Christ lives, however we can turn back at any tiem & disown Him ..If so HE WILL DISOWN US,!!! ..Too many use His grace as a excuse & license to sin..If we love the world & live as the world does we ae enemies of God ...Christian or not makes no different!!...A Christian is not a name it is a lifestyle! Some people blame the law for being unfaithful, however people  were unfaithful we'll before any law came in ... The law only came to show them how faithless they were ... & scripture uses this story to warn us clearly to not behave as they did in gru...mbling & complaining & testing God & morality & idolatry,,,, because of we do we will end up like them .... Never enter the promised land & their bodies were left in the desert as examples for unbelief!!!!! ..... Please people I am sharing Gods Word ..... The point Is if you are hot for God you have no worries & walking loving obeying & looking waiting watching for Him there is no doubt as you walk in the spirit you are secure in Him ..... If you ate Luke warm according to scripture you are in a dangerous place of being cast away from God! Just get hog for God pursue Him read His Word & obey .... This is all Gods Word not mine ..... I am just speaking plainly the Word of God! ..... Amazing how soapy people fight it .... We can't pretend all is well if it is not & allude be lined up to Gods Word ... he has the final day .... Chick out all you have heard & taught & go to His Word! His love grave & mercy is so wonderful His kindness is awesome, but let us also taker seriously His warnings & the severity of God & with Holy reverence & fear & make our election sure & steadfast ad we daily take up our cross & follow him & daily work out our salvation with fear & trembling & ensure we are in the faith, walking the highway of holiness, the straight & narrow ..... Gods promises are sure & steadfast & no one can pluck you from His hands if you remain their!!!..... All I have spoken is Gods Word.... Read back over it & get it in your hearts... I love you all & God loves you more!         

Don't we realize it is God's love & mercy & kindness that leads us to repentance...

that declares His righteousnes, that drives us unto Him! because He knows if we reject Him we reject life!..It's His favour & love that chastises us & rebukes us to show us we are wrong & need to get back on teh right trcak with Him ...Oh what love...Oh what grace...Oh what mercy!

There is no greater love than to turn a person from their sin into the love & favour & forgiveness of God....Remember Paul wrote so strongly in the Epistles & was sorry for his strong rebuke, but also new it was needed to sake & teach the t...ruth & bring Godly sorrow taht lerads to repentance.. ...also..James 5:19-20
Amplified Bible (AMP)
19 [My] brethren, if anyone among you strays from the Truth and falls into error and another [person] brings him back [to God],
20 Let the [latter] one be sure that whoever turns a sinner from his evil course will save [that one’s] soul from death and will cover a multitude of sins [[a]procure the pardon of the many sins committed by the convert].

The truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ should cause us to tremble at the power and the wrath and judgment of God. The wrath of God is a raging fire of holy righteous indignation and anger at sin...
THANK GOD FOR HIS GREAT LOVE & MERCY YES.........but lets look at how we are to receive, respond & walk in that mercy ..What does God expect form us ...what is the purpose of His love & mercy..
"So then, my friends, because of God's great mercy to us I appeal to you: Offer yourselves as a living sacrifice to God, dedicated to his service and pleasing to him. This is the true worship that you should offer. Do not conform yourselves to the standards of this world, but let God transform you inwardly by a complete change of your mind. Then you will be able to know the will of God - what is good and is pleasing to him and is perfect." Rom12:1...
Come on people let us grow up onto the meat of God's Word & not stay on Milk..!!!!!


If we donot receive His Word & His commandments & His chastisement & punishment (Which he does because he loves us & wants to lead us in the right way) we are iligitamate children...we were legitimate but if we do not follow & obey we go our own way...God does not forsake us , but we forsake him! My son will, always be my son, but if he choses to disobey & leaves & cuts himself off & divorces me he then is no longer an heir & will not receive inheritance..not my choice but His....We cannot say once saved always saved this is error according cleraly to God's Word....IF you remain in His arms/hands (Paul says KEEP YOURSELVES IN HIS LOVE...we can wonder out /away from His love.....SIN is the only thing taht will do this) If we remain in His hands NOTHING CAN pluck us out of His hands...Unless we walk away!!!!...

WE must be faithful to Him ...If you are unfaithful to your husband will your relationshiop last?...May if there is real repentance & sorrow, but if you continue to unfaithful time & time again...will it last ..NO ..Same with God , That si ...why He says , be Holy as He is Holy , to forsake wordliness. ungodliness!...Yes If we sin (notice not "when" but "if" we sin) we confess & repent (what is real repentance..It is to stop doling the same thisng..If we don't we have not really repented!...But YES HE IS FAITHFUL, He will keep His end of the agreement if we keep ours.  We cannot live in sin & expect to be saved & made righteous ..where is theis preaching coming from ....? It's exactly what satan said to Adam & can disobey & sin & not die...Lie, deception & wrong. Truth is you can recognise a Christian by their fruit..... the bottom line this is exactly what Jesus can tell a tree by it's fruit! YES YES!!!We were created to show forth His Glory & set examples to the world..we are a light in the darkness...we are... as Jesus was in the would, We are to live Holy as He was Holy ...YES this is all God's purpose for us & possible....The reaso why so many struggle is there has been no real repentance & revelation of God's Word...without revelation the people perish & live under the devils lie's & deception.